Papa decided to take me and the boys out for a spin in some kayaks around the lakes at the South Lake Leisure Centre in Craigavon.

The South Lake Leisure Centre has been open for about a year now and the facility as a whole in our local area is amazing. Aside of the gym, classes, pool, lessons and leisure suite there is a whole water sports section dedicated to utilising the balancing lakes in Craigavon for leisure. Some of the Watersports available are banana boating, quake boarding, paddle boarding an aqua park and I’m sure there are more if I researched a bit harder. There has been a complete shift in atmosphere to the area since the facility has opened, it is an incredible feeling walking past when the activities are in full flight and the sun in out, it feels like a completely different area to what it used to be.

It felt so good getting the boys out in the water and they absolutely loved it. The actual movement of rowing was a great activity for them, they were busted by the end of it and sleep that night was no problem. All of the safety and wet gear was supplied by the Watersports centre and the lake is pretty still so it was easy enough for us, with little experience to pick it up pretty quickly. I’ve ran round the lakes so many times so I know the area well and it was awesome seeing it from the water this time. There is so much wildlife on the water shore we saw a few herons and managed to capture one on camera, they are an awesome bird.

Totally worth taking the kids out for the day and would recommend giving it a go, its totally worth the craic!


kayaking south lake leisure centre


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